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✨ The RSD Rescue Webinar ✨

✨ The RSD Rescue Webinar ✨

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It's time!! Let's do that thing you've been too scared to do, for fear of "what people might say"

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria causes anxiety, misunderstandings and emotional distress but the most costly impact is on all of the missed opportunities, lost friends and chances you never took for fear of criticism.

Well no more! We're taking control and getting out of our own way. Who knows what exciting adventures we've been missing out on!

In the ADHDFest - RSD Rescue Workshop I share everything I've learned so far, including my best strategies for dealing with the RSD Nightmare.

The Workshop includes:

- What exactly is RSD and how does it show up?

- The Alternative to Constructive Criticism

- Are you Rejecting Yourself?

- Finding Your Cheerleaders

- My Prevent and Protect Method

You get immediate access to the Webinar after purchase and can watch as many times as you like! 

You will also get a Bonus Cheat Sheet Download and access to an exclusive Private Facebook Group to share your results with other RSD Rescue attendees.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or qualified expert. The RSD Rescue Workshop refers to RSD from a lived experience perspective and the techniques, information and coping strategies I share are what I have found life changing on my personal journey. 

As this is a digital file, we do not accept refunds. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more information.


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