🙌 Use the Law of Attraction & Self Improvement for Adult ADHD ✨

🙌 Use the Law of Attraction & Self Improvement for Adult ADHD ✨

Welcome, dear readers, to a conversation that's particularly close to my heart. Today, we're diving into a topic that blends the realms of ADHD and the Law of Attraction, spirituality, and self-help. It's an area I’m deeply passionate about, and I believe many of you will resonate with the insights and experiences I'll share. So, let’s embark on this journey together.

The Magnetic Pull: ADHD and the Law of Attraction

Have you ever noticed how many people with ADHD are drawn to the Law of Attraction? It's not a coincidence. We, with our unique neurodiverse wiring, are often magical thinkers and perpetual optimists. We see potential everywhere, sometimes feeling that if we just muster enough effort, we can achieve anything – even becoming the next Prime Minister or President. This inherent optimism and ability to think outside the box make us naturally inclined to explore concepts like the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction, as popularized by Rhonda Byrne’s "The Secret," is rooted in the idea that like attracts like. It’s all about vibrations and frequencies – if you vibrate at the same frequency as what you desire, you attract it into your life. For many of us, this isn't just a hopeful theory; it’s something we can easily visualise, due to our fast, interconnected thinking.

My Spiritual Journey: From Nan’s Wisdom to The Secret

My introduction to spirituality came early, thanks to my nan, Emily. She was a firm believer in reincarnation and the presence of spirits. We shared a bond over these mystical concepts, and to this day, I hold a deep belief in reincarnation and spirituality. These early lessons instilled a sense of magic that has stayed with me.

As I grew older, my curiosity was further ignited by a friend’s grandmother who introduced me to "The Secret" at about 16. This was my first encounter with Rhonda Byrne’s work, and it blew my mind. The concept that our thoughts could shape our reality was both simple and profound, especially for a teenager.

The Intersection of ADHD and High Vibes

Another pivotal moment came when I stumbled upon Tony Robbins’ "Get the Edge" program. Tony’s dynamic approach to self-improvement resonated deeply with me, despite the challenges of consistency posed by my ADHD. His teachings helped me understand that while I might not manage daily consistency, I could harness my good days to be extraordinarily productive.

This realisation was crucial. On my high-energy days, I could achieve ten times more than the average person. However, the downside was the inevitable burnout. The stark contrast between my best and worst days often led to self-criticism and negative self-talk, perpetuating a cycle of burnout and frustration.

Understanding the Cycle: Burnout and Self-Compassion

One of the toughest lessons for those of us with ADHD is accepting the unpredictability of our energy and productivity. On a good day, we’re unstoppable. But when burnout hits, it’s not about choosing to be lazy; it’s about our brains needing a break. The Law of Attraction’s emphasis on positivity can sometimes feel like added pressure, leading to toxic positivity.

Over time, I’ve learned that the key to breaking this cycle is self-compassion. Accepting that burnout is a natural part of my rhythm helps it pass more quickly. Instead of fighting it, I now plan for it. By anticipating my low-energy days, I can prepare in advance, making those days easier to manage.

Embracing the Law of Attraction with ADHD

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool, but it must be used with kindness towards ourselves. On high-energy days, we can focus our positive energy and set intentions. On low-energy days, it’s okay to rest and recharge.

For those interested in delving deeper, here are some ADHD-friendly resources that have helped me:

  1. Francesca Amber - Her podcast, "Law of Attraction Changed My Life," is fantastic. She also has a paid book club on Patreon, but start with her free podcast every Friday.
  2. The Lazy Genius by Kendra Adachi - This book and podcast offer practical advice for managing life with ADHD in a positive way.
  3. Emma Mumford - Her podcast "Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast" explores the Law of Attraction in an engaging manner. She dives into crystals and goddesses, adding a fun twist.
  4. Denise Duffield Thomas - With books like "Lucky Bitch" and "Chill and Prosper," Denise, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD, blends financial advice with Law of Attraction principles.

Manifesting Your Best Life

Incorporating the Law of Attraction into your life with ADHD means focusing on what feels fun and doable. When you’re on a high, seize the moment to set your intentions and make progress. On a low, allow yourself to rest without guilt. This balance can help you stay in a positive vibration without the strain of forced positivity.

Finally, remember to be kind to yourself. Every day won't be a high-energy day, and that's perfectly okay. The journey with ADHD and the Law of Attraction is about embracing our unique rhythms and using our good days to manifest our dreams.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration. Feel free to connect with me on social media (@ADHDFest on Instagram and Facebook) and share your experiences.

Together, we can create a community that empowers and uplifts each other, embracing our neurodiversity and the magic of the Law of Attraction.

Until next time, stay positive, stay kind to yourself, and keep manifesting your best life ✨❤️

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